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ACE Team – Microsoft
Adam Boulton’s Blog
Adam Shostack – Emergent Chaos
Alex ??? – kuza55
Analytical Engine
Andrew Jacquith – securitymetrics
Andrew van der Stock – cat slave diary
Andy Steingruebl – Security Retentive
Anil John
Anton Chuvakin Blog – "Security Warrior"
Anurag Agarwal – Application Security Evangelist
Application Security Center Community
Arshan Dabirsiaghi – Aspect Security
Billy (BK) Rios
Billy Hoffman – SPI – Curiouser and Curiouser
Bruce Schneier – Cryptogram
CERIAS Combined Feed
Chris Shiflett: PHP and Web Application Security
Chris Weber – Software and Web Application Security
Christian Matthies
Christopher Hoff – Rational Security
Cigital – Justice League
Coding Insecurity
CSO Blogs – Information Security
Dafydd Stuttard – PortSwigger – Burp
Dana Epp – SilverStr – Microsoft
Dana Epp’s ramblings at the Sanctuary
Dark Reading: Application Security
Dark Reading: Snake Bytes
David LeBlanc’s Web Log
David Litchfield’s blog
David Ross – Microsoft – Random Dross
Denim Group, Ltd.
Dennis Hurst’s Blog
Dr.Dobb’s Security Articles
Ed Felton – Freedom to Tinker
Eduardo Vela – sirdarckcat
Enterprise Architecture: From Incite comes Insight…
Errata Security
extern blog SensePost;
Gareth Heyes – The Spanner IT Security News
GDS Security Blog
Google Online Security Blog
Gunnar Peterson – 1 Raindrop
Gunter Ollmann, Mark Dowd – ISS Frequency X Blog
hackers @ microsoft
Help Net Security – News
InformIT :: SecurityArticles > Security
(IN)SECURE Magazine Notifications RSS
ISM – Curphey – Latest News
Ivan Ristic
Ivan Ristic – ModSecurity
J.D. Meier’s Blog
Jeremiah Grossman – WhiteHat
Joe Basirico – Security Renegades’s blog
JW on Test
Kim Cameron’s Identity Weblog
Klocwork – g2zero
Larry Osterman’s WebLog
Marco Morana
Mark Curphey –
Mary Ann Davidson Blog
Matasano Chargen
Matt Blaze’s Exhaustive Search
Michael Coates
Michael Coates
Michael Howard
Michael Smith – rybolov – The Guerilla CISO
Michael Sutton – SPI Dynamics
Michael's Blog
Mike Andrews
Mike Rothman – Security Incite Rants
MSI :: State of Security
Musings on Information Security
Nate McFeters – Zero Day
Network Computing Magazine | Security Channel: Features, Reviews, Commentary and more
Nitesh Dhanjani
Orizon Post
Petko Petkov (pdparchitect) – GnuCitizen
Richard Bejtlich – TaoSecurity
Richard Lewis – Application Security
Robert Auger –
Robert Hansen – rsnake –
RockyH – From Source to Secure
RockyH – Security First!
Rohyt Belani – PhishMe
Ronald van den Heetkamp – 0x000000 Security
Ruby on Rails Security Project
Rudolph Arojo – Foundstone –
Ryan Barnett – ModSecurity – Web Security Blog
sc-l mailing list
Security Is Simple: Only Use Perfect Software
Security Wire Daily News
SecurityFocus News
SecurityGuidanceShare – Recent changes [en]
SecViz – Security Visualization
Shreeraj’s security blog
Smart Security by Dharmesh M Mehta
Stefan Esser – PHP Security Blog
Stefan Esser – Suspekt…
Stefano di Paolo – Minded Security – Security Thoughts
Sunnet Beskerming Security Advisories
Sven Vetsch – Disenchant’s Blog
Sylvan von Stuppe Security
The Art of Software Security Assessment
The Connected Information Security Group
The Register – Security
The Register – Security: Enterprise Security
The Security Development Lifecycle – Microsoft
The Web Security Mailing List (WASC)
tssci security
Veracode – Zero in a bit

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