Vote in with a Script Automatically!

In this text, I’ll show you how to use iMacros for voting in Toluna automatically.
Note 1: you should not do that because of policy. This text is only for educational purpose.
Note 2: I think must use some CAPTCHAs and neutralize this way.

I used iMacros and write a simple script with it.
So, follow these steps:
1. You need to download and install iMacros in your browser (I use mozilla version) []
2. Download this file from [] and extract it to see “Toluna.iim”
3. Copy “Toluna.iim” to Macros folder of iMacros (You can find it in iMacros>Edit>Options>Paths):
4. Login to your account
5. Run “Toluna.iim” in iMacros and see the wonderful results :)

So, you can write your own scripts to do the same in other websites. Please link and inform me if you do that.


2 thoughts on “Vote in with a Script Automatically!

  1. Ysinotelodigo


    The link is breaked. Are you earn discount with this system?

    Sorry to write bad. I’m Spanish.

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