FaceBook MobWars New Cheat Updated: Automatic Friends Add in Facebook Technique by using iMacros!

Thanks from Mark because of telling me a good point about MobWars cheat. (In this link Please read this first if you are new)

So, I updated the codes to this new version:

Now you can send your special message and also select your friend list. Also, there is a trick to disable images during this operation in order to save the bandwidth and time!

Download .js file
Just save below codes as “AddmobwarsFriend.js” file and run it with iMacros. For more help, check this post.

//—————————-Begin “AddmobwarsFriend.js” ————————————

/********* By Soroush Dalili Jan-2009 Soroush.SecProject.Com *********/
/********* Begin Configuration – You can change these settings *********/
var startPage = 20; // You can change this value to your page number!
var mobInviteMessage = “Welcome to my MobWars!”; // You can add your message here
var mobFriendList = “”; // You can add your special friend list (you must made it before)
var showImages = “0”; // You can change it to “0” (for disabling) and to “1” (for enabling)
/********* End Configuration – You can change these settings *********/

/********* Begin Code *********/
// Replace <SP> instead of space character
mobInviteMessage = addImacrosSpace(mobInviteMessage);
mobFriendList = addImacrosSpace(mobFriendList);
var jsNewLine=”\n”;

/********* Begin Openning Mobwars Wall’s Pages *********/
var MW_AddFromWall_Pages_Code;
MW_AddFromWall_Pages_Code = “CODE:”;
MW_AddFromWall_Pages_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Pages_Code+”SET !ERRORIGNORE YES” + jsNewLine;
if(showImages == “0”){
// Disable images to have more speed
MW_AddFromWall_Pages_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Pages_Code+”FILTER TYPE=IMAGES STATUS=ON” + jsNewLine;
// Open mobwars wall
MW_AddFromWall_Pages_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Pages_Code+”URL GOTO=http://www.facebook.com/wall.php?id=8743457343&page={{PageNumber}}” + jsNewLine;
MW_AddFromWall_Pages_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Pages_Code+”FILTER TYPE=IMAGES STATUS=OFF” + jsNewLine;
MW_AddFromWall_Pages_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Pages_Code+”WAIT SECONDS=2″;
/********* End Openning Mobwars Wall’s Pages *********/

/********* Begin Openning Mobwars Wall’s Links *********/
var MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code;
MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code = “CODE:”;
MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code+”SET !ERRORIGNORE YES” + jsNewLine;
if(showImages == “0”){
// Disable images to have more speed
MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code+”FILTER TYPE=IMAGES STATUS=ON” + jsNewLine;
MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code+”TAG POS={{LinkNumber}} TYPE=A ATTR=HREF:http://www.facebook.com/s.php?k=100000080*” + jsNewLine;
MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code+”TAG POS=1 TYPE=A ATTR=TXT:Add<SP>as<SP>Friend” + jsNewLine;
// Insert Message
MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code+”TAG POS=1 TYPE=A ATTR=TXT:Add<SP>a<SP>personal<SP>message*” + jsNewLine;
MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code+”WAIT SECONDS=1″+ jsNewLine;
MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code+”TAG POS=1 TYPE=TEXTAREA ATTR=ID:message CONTENT=” + mobInviteMessage + jsNewLine;
// Select Friendlist
MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code+”TAG POS=1 TYPE=SELECT FORM=NAME:NoFormName ATTR=ID:add_to_friend_list_widget_select_* CONTENT=$” + mobFriendList + jsNewLine;
// Press Add Button
MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code+”TAG POS=1 TYPE=INPUT:BUTTON ATTR=ID:dialog_button1″ + jsNewLine;
MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code+”FILTER TYPE=IMAGES STATUS=OFF” + jsNewLine;
MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code = MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code+”WAIT SECONDS=1″;
/********* End Openning Mobwars Wall’s Links *********/

/********* Begin Internal JavaScript Code *********/
var i1=0;
var i2=0;
var j=0;
var p=0;
iimSet (“-var_PageNumber”, p);
i1 = iimPlay(MW_AddFromWall_Pages_Code);
iimSet (“-var_LinkNumber”, j);
i2 = iimPlay(MW_AddFromWall_Links_Code);

function addImacrosSpace(str){
str = str.replace(/ /g, “<SP>”);
return str;
/********* End Internal JavaScript Code *********/
/********* End Code*********/
/********* By Soroush Dalili Jan-2009 Soroush.SecProject.Com *********/
//—————————-End “AddmobwarsFriend.js” ————————————

7 thoughts on “FaceBook MobWars New Cheat Updated: Automatic Friends Add in Facebook Technique by using iMacros!

  1. irsdl Post author

    If you change the id number in:
    to another id number, you can add your friends from different walls!
    Do you want to add this feature?

  2. irsdl Post author

    I think that there are some errors because of delaying which is 0 now. Please let me know the bugs of this new script.
    Thank you very much.

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