6 thoughts on “March 2009 Updated: FaceBook Automatic Friends Adder from the Apllications’ Walls

  1. Mark

    I’d recommend to anyone using this that they set the repeat for no more then about 20-30 friend-adds at a time. Any more then that and it can trigger spam-protection measures on Facebook itself and lock out your ability to add friends.

    This happened to my wife and it was about a week before things returned to normal. This set her back considerably with adding friends.

    1. irsdl Post author

      I cannot solve this problem as my facebook is in English format. But, I know that you must change the captions in my script to your Italian language.
      Wherever you see “TXT:” in my script, you must change the text after, to its Italian form. I do not think that you need to do the same for “NAME:” because you must check the html code then.
      For example:
      must be changed to
      do not forget to put instead of all the space characters ;)
      I hope it works for you.

  2. john

    nice code thanks.

    i have a question, i’m trying to say “add me” or something on the wall but imacros won’t let me send the text.. here’s what i record modified with a wildcard(*):

    TAB T=1
    URL GOTO=http://apps.facebook.com/guerra-de-pandillas/discussion.php
    TAG POS=1 TYPE=TEXTAREA FORM=ACTION:http://www.facebook.com/wallpost.php ATTR=ID:wall_text_* CONTENT=ADDME

    imacros fills the textarea but it won’t press the send button.. what am i doing wrong?
    thanks in advance

  3. Meta

    Thanks for this nice script
    Could you make oen for adding friends of friends too or members of a grupe .
    woud be too great ;-)
    One question woud be what are the FB limits of adding not too much Friends at one time .Get a abused account
    Thanks for sharing this

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