Cell Phone IMEI Numbers’ Algorithm Is As Same As The Credit Card Algorithm

Each cell phone has a unique number which is IMEI. You can find it by entering this code in your cell phone *#06# or see the back of your cell phone battery.

This IMEI number is something like this: ABCDEF-GH-IJKLMNO-X (without “-” characters)

For example: 350077523237513

In our example ABCDEF-GH-IJKLMNO-X:

AB is Reporting Body Identifier such as 35 = “British Approvals Board of Telecommunications (BABT)”

ABCDEF is Type Approval Code

GH is Final Assembly Code

IJKLMNO is Serial Number

X is Check Digit

As I told you in “http://soroush.secproject.com/blog/2009/01/credit-card-algorithm/” everything has an algorithm!

Here we have an algorithm to check valid IMEI number too, but the algorithm for IMEI number is as same as the credit card numbers!

So, I do not want to repeat my words, and I refer you to that post here. You can use the credit card validation JavaScript to validate the IMEI numbers too.

You can check your IMEI numbers here for validation.